Revised Thesis Outline

Introduction                                                                                        4

Don’t Make Me Think                                                                        5

Understanding UI and UX                                                                6

3 Stages of UX Design                                                                       7

Designing for Mobile                                                                        8

Device Consistent Experiences                                                      9

The Era of Card Design                                                                   10

Online Shopping                                                                              12

What Great Brands Do                                                                    13

Conclusion                                                                                         14

Capstone Proposal


Project Description:
To create a feature in the current app that will help boost online lipstick sale.

Target Market:
Women. Age 16 to 30.

Women tend to not shop for cosmetics online because they do not know how the color/shade will look exactly. Each shade will look different on different skin tone, hair color, eye color. Shopping for lipstick in particular has been the hardest both physically and online. Lips tend to get dry very quickly after two tries. In addition it’s also not good for the lips health as cleaning with alcohol and reapplying again takes moisture away.

Selfie. With the latest facial recognition software, it is possible to use phone camera to take a picture, get all facial features recognized and apply the chosen color to the lip portion. This way, women do not need to harm her lips while finding that perfect shade. It’ll make it a lot easier to shop for lipstick online now that you know for sure how it will look on you. It’s also possible to choose up to several colors to try. It’ll be easier to compare colors as well.

Choose the colors you want and add them to bag. Once you’re ready to try them go to the bag and click try. If you have selected more than one color, you’ll be prompted by a “try all” button. It then asks for your permission to open camera, you’ll have to wait a few seconds for the software to recognize your facial features. It will be done recognizing your features when geometric lines framing your face came out. Your lips will then be shown in the first color that you picked. You’ll then able to take a selfie and save it if you want, or post it on social media to see what your friends think. If you’ve chosen more than 1 color, after you took the selfie, it will show a collage of that selfie with all the colors that you’ve picked. If you’re satisfied, just hit “back to bag” and proceed to check out or if you have more than 1 color, at collage, hit “pick” and on the bottom right of each photo a heart icon will came up, just hit the ones that you want. The colors that you didn’t pick will be automatically erased from your shopping bag.

Olivia Murphy, 27, Lawyer
Between depositions and paperwork, Olivia has no time to physically go to a store and browse. She just does not have time, but she has to present herself well in front of her clients. Olivia wears make up every morning but since time is limited, she does not wear eye make up, she opted to enhance her look with bold lips so she needs a lot of lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, etc. But shopping for lipstick online is hard because who know how the shade will really look like on her skin tone? Olivia needs something to speed lipstick buying process for her that won’t waste her time and get it delivered to her door fast.

Gwen Wilson, 17, High School Student
Appearance is important for Gwen. As an adolescent, she takes pride in her skills in make up. She has several YouTube makeup tutorials that she’s really proud of. She likes going to a store and stay there for hours, trying stuff but since graduation is near, college applications are taking her time. She does not have hours anymore to kill and honestly all that trying is damaging her lips. She needs new colors but her lips are so dry because of trying them on. Gwen needs something that will help her preserve her lips health and speed the browsing process.

Ivy Peterson, 23, Junior Writer
Ivy works in a really hip fashion magazine where you have to dress to impress everyday to work. She breathes, writes and lives fashion. She has to write articles on new cosmetics for work and with tons of new shades coming up every week, it’s hard to catch up. In addition, the budget won’t allow for her to buy every shade, nor does she has the time to linger in a store for too long. She needs to spend time on her writing. Ivy needs to be able to compare a lot of colors first before deciding which one to buy and feature in her article.

Updated Bibliography

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Thesis Topic & Abstract

Thesis Title:
UX’s Critical Role for Retailers’ Success in E-Commerce

To ensure their continued success, modern-day retailers have to adapt to stay relevant in today’s Information Age. The traditional process of buying and selling merchandise has forever changed after the digital revolution. With 70% of the world’s population constantly on their mobile, traditional retailers and manufacturers have no choice but to embrace e-commerce and the new media age. Trust, logical, fast and reliable, high-quality graphics, as well as easy navigation are critical factors to a successful e-commerce website design.

A new research shows that in the United States alone, e-commerce sales are estimated to reach around $434 billion in 2017. As more customers are shopping on their smartphones, new strategies are developed to tap that billion dollars market. User Experience (UX) design focuses on the process of improving user satisfaction by understanding their needs and behaviors and boost usability, accessibility and pleasure of the whole experience. This thesis will explore the relationship between e-commerce and UX design, UX design’s best practices and how it influences customers’ buying decisions and what UX key factors and attractive UI that could enhance the whole shopping experience. It will also investigate how to launch a career in UX and local market demand. In addition to an analysis of how successful retailers like Nordstrom translates their excellent customers service in e-commerce as well as psychological factors around designing for emotion.