Professional Feedback 4

For my last professional feedback, I asked Doug Heinlein to review my website for me. I believe Doug’s input is the best that I’ve gotten. He made me think of the things that would make me seem more professional. He mentioned the screen size of my design. He thinks its too big and needs to be resized. He also criticized my resume and pointed out that I should have the degree that I’m pursuing there. He also said my home logo should be bigger because now it’s kind of hard to see my name and graphic designer as we scroll down. Also, on the about me section, he suggested to me to talk more about my profession instead of my background. He also thinks that I should add the next project button on each project’s page to ease the viewing experience. I will do expected changes and hopefully my website will be near ready. I know it would never be done but at least satisfactory.

Week 10 Professional Feedback Catch Up

As I was going through my gradebook and my grade horrified me, I realized that I haven’t posted my professional feedback #1 and #2 so for this week I asked my boyfriend’s colleague Chris DeLeon who’s a graphic designer at Rightside (Kirkland, previously Demand Media) and a friend of mine, Lisa Liu,  who’s an AIS alumnae and who’s been working professionally for five years or more. Their comments are based on my latest design update as of today.

Chris DeLeon’s feedback:

A one page design approach is a good choice for a personal portfolio. The fixed navigation makes it easy to find sections of the site. The overall contrast of the site design and readability of content is good. I really like the quality of the showcased items. Some recommendations for the next iteration:
Photo UX – The current angle also makes me focus on the subject’s hair and clothing. Also, certain areas have too much contrast. The image can be soften a bit.
Navigation – I think it would help to change the transparency of the navigation/header to solid as the user scrolls. About Me and Contact leads to the same page so one entry in the navigation is sufficient.

Lisa Liu’s feedback:

So in my opinion, my first impression of site, it’s clean and easy to navigate. But I will suggest to color correct the photo a little bit, it comes out a little green to me, it’s a little depressing, it will be a lot more eye catchy if the color is vibrant. There are a couple things that’s really bothering me, 1. I am not sure if it’s the size display in my computer, your name above your logo is touching the edge. 2. in your resume area, “skills” headline is too close to the education description. Beside those, everything looks good to me.

I have since made several changes to the website and will continue working towards a better site. I’ll post the last professional feedback 4 tomorrow.

Week 9 Peer Feedback Peer Critique

Since we haven’t been critiquing each other’s website thoroughly this quarter, we figured why not we start today. Danielle was kind enough to give me smart suggestions to my problems. She’s the free therapist for my website. So since I just changed the scrolling motion for my website, it’s now acting weird when you’re on a project’s page. It opens in a new page and the navigation is pinned and when I scroll down the images on that page flew up in front of the navigation bar. Danielle suggested creating a new master page for those project pages.

She also mentioned that my logo text disappears when it scrolls down and has colored background on it. I noticed this too when I was doing the assignment and thought about changing the navigation bar altogether but Danielle rescued me from that time-consuming mission and suggested me to just put a white stroke on the logo text to better highlight the word. I will try that and I will also try making the logo bigger.

I encountered a weird problem with my navigation bar scroll motion effects. When I click on the portfolio or resume page, the bar will move left and right when moving there. I have not figured out why this is doing so since I’ve set the motion to 0x for all fours. Danielle didn’t know what’s wrong with it too and I have to do further research to tackle this problem.

In addition, Dani suggested that I make each section (portfolio or resume) bigger and so it focuses on that particular item only instead of reading resume and see half of the contact me section. Since I do not have about or contact menu, she suggested adding those to my menu widget but I don’t know yet whether I want to do that since I don’t think it’s necessary to have more than 2 or 3 tabs.

Site Analysis 3

This week I’ve browsed and browsed and found that my favorite portfolio website for the week is that of Charlotte Tang‘s. She’s a Toronto based web and graphic designer and her website looks very organized, bold, simple and very effective. I believe her choice of colors reflect her as a person. I love how instead of regular squares or rectangles she uses circles to feature her work on her homepage. I also like that she made it black and white and as you roll over on it the colors popped out. Since last week I decided to do something different for my contact form, I might take her idea of contact page. I like how she positions them. I love that she uses orange color on dark background. I think her website looks beautiful!

As I was browsing, I came upon Ciara Phelan‘s website. I love her logo and I love how when you scroll down, the navigation bar stays and her logo becomes smaller. I’ve seen this effect before but I think hers make a lot more sense. Her portfolio thumbnails lacks interactivity though. When you roll over on her thumbnails there’s no titles that come up. Perhaps she can work on that more. But I like how she features her project. The images are all on the center of the page and not too big. I think mine is too large now.

Paddy Carey‘s website is cool because on his homepage we are greeted by mac-like icons which I think are cool and once you click on one of them, I expected the whole layout to change but it didn’t! The screens on the macs changed to feature the projects. I think this is neat and a great way to feature only your best projects but once you have more than 4 good projects it becomes less effective. It’s fun but not that effective. Unfortunately his contact page is not working.




Professional Feedback 3

Since I haven’t met with Dave Danioth for my website, I did so last week and showed him my website. I’m in Portfolio I class myself and he said in terms of functionality my site looks okay. I told him my idea of making parallax scrolling for my website and he encouraged me to explore the idea only if I have time. I decided perhaps I will explore it this weekend because I was so busy getting things done for Portfolio. Dave also mentioned that I should create a better explanation for my project and perhaps change the font. He told me to run through my writing before posting to a tutor or a friend whose native language is English. He also told me to update my logo since we’ve then since developed an updated look for my logo. In addition, he mentioned that I should change the WORK option to PORTFOLIO to make more sense out of it.

Week 8 Graduating Bachelor Students Feedback

Kim, Minhye

My favorite of all. Perhaps download resume pdf button should open on separate tab. Personally I don’t like clicking the back button and have to wait for the page to reload again. About page seems disorganized, make sure the content all adhere to the grid. Perhaps instead of centered text, make it flush left to show organization and grid system. I do not get the logo or artwork featured on the about page. I like how organized the projects are and nice amount of description for each projects. Proofread everything, there’s some spelling errors. I’m confused about the logo. On the website it has two icons of M and K but as favicon there’s only one.

Moug, Danielle GD

For me it’s kinda off to see white background that cuts off at black. Rethink your choice, perhaps it’s better to simplify to just one color for the background or add pattern. Seems like on the resume page text indent is off the grid, not at the same line as the big logo on top. Perhaps do not include facebook page in there because it’s unnecessary. When clicked on the download page, it does not open new tab, maybe it’s better to open in on a separate tab.

Plancic, Chris GD

The size of pdf icon on the resume page is awfully large and when prompted does not open in a separate tab. Missing contact page. While on resume page, can’t go back to home page to see the projects. Perhaps connect the logo to the home page. Need another color for layout or perhaps pattern. In addition, grid is totally off on some projects’ pages. Furthermore, there’s no indication of where you are when in resume page or contact page.

Tran, Vinh Quang GD

Some of the project links are broken. Maybe it will be great to add some description to the projects. I think viewers can understand more about the concept and project given some narration. Perhaps download resume button can open in a separate tab. Otherwise it all look very good, clean, organized and easy to navigate.


Week 8 Peer Review

Since we’re too lazy to move our asses, the four of us (Zach, Danielle, Elijah and me) decided to do group critique. I expressed my disdain for my contact page. Zach suggested that I move the contact section from the home page to an external page. Perhaps adding mail button would be great beside the LinkedIn and Behance logos. Initially before I discovered contact form widget from Muse, I had already thought of having mail button and when clicked it will open mail app directly. I don’t know how to do that yet and since I don’t know how to code perhaps I will ask my software engineer boyfriend to do for me.

They also mentioned changing the font. Helvetica seems too plain and I need to add more description for my projects. Furthermore, they mentioned my grid on my work page seems a little bit off. The gutter in between is not of the same size. Scott also mentioned on how maybe my website should be a scrolling one. I don’t like scrolling website but perhaps it would be a good idea. Now I have to research on how to do it.

Week 6 Peer Critique

For peer critique this week, Linsie was kind enough to share her creative opinions and suggestions for my website. She said that she liked my concept and my layout for starters. She mentioned my gray background on the website. If I zoom out it will show gray background and there’s black stroke lining my page. I don’t know what’s happening with the stroke but Linsie definitely helped educate me about the background. While she liked the size of the photograph on my homepage, she told me to quickly update my photograph and perhaps making it black and white so that the welcome message could be in teal and be more legible. I will have a photo shoot this weekend of me working on my desk and some mock ups of the projects that I want to feature and it will be shown on my homepage in slide show style.

Linsie also mentioned that she does not like the choice of font I use for the navigation. Helvetica is definitely not her favorite. I kind of agree with her as well but at this point since I don’t have Muse at home yet, I’ve been feeding my baby in school and using school fonts. I will definitely do more research on the font style and update them but that’s not priority right now.

In addition, Linsie mentioned my choice of color as the theme. She said teal has been very commercial nowadays that she has seen a lot of people using that color for their website. She encouraged me to explore other colors. I showed her some of my process logo works and apparently she visualizes me and my style with darker shades of color. That’s definitely something to think about. In terms of fashion style I definitely stick with basics like white, black and brown but I’m not sure if I want to express myself that way too in my portfolio. I wanted to show a splash of color to show my more expressive and creative self but perhaps I conceal my real self too much that way. We’ll see how it goes.


Site Analysis 2

For this week’s websites analysis I’ve browsed around several different portfolio websites and found some local graphic designers’ websites that I love. My favorite would be that of Jessica Rycheal I love her scrolling and tabs website and her use of large image slideshow. I think for the amount of content that she has to feature there, her website is clean and well-organized. I personally don’t like featuring too many things there and perhaps I can take her ideas and simplify them for my own use.

Karen Wittekind website has a clean and simple layout that’s straight-forward and works well with white background. I think her website style mimics her work and personality. Having all the contents on the middle of the page works well too in terms of focal point. I think I can do something like that to my website as well.

Brittany Kolar‘s website has my favorite about page. Although I was advised on not to have an about page, I think in here Brittany is really smart to create infographics for this. As I want to work freelance eventually, perhaps I can use her idea and develop it further. Her portfolio tab brings us straight to behance. I don’t know whether this is a good idea or not to direct viewers to another website but this I could definitely think about. Since I don’t really know how to code, directing it to behance is great because then the viewers can view it from mobile or desktop, it’ll still look the same.