Motion Graphic Idea and Inspirations


Idea 1
Colorful kinetic typography more or less like a lyric video. The audio would be of young girls and women taking about what they want to be when they grow up. At the end of the video, there would be callouts to donate at WFA website. Problems: it’s hard to find such audio with no background music (free or not). Spent hours on the internet trying to find one. Suggestions?

Idea 2
Using Sheryl Sandberg’s audiobook from her book Lean In. Pick sentences that I think would best explain WFA’s goal. While playing the audiobook in iTunes, there’s a segment where Sandberg talks about statistics of men and women wage difference, etc, I could and create vector animations based on that. Problems: Sandberg talks mostly about women, not girls. Need to listen to the entire audibook which is 6 hours.

Idea 3
Not using voice audio at all. Just use music, kinetic typography and vectors. Problem: less captivating, less impact.

Capstone Project Update – Week 2

So Adanna Escobar has just replied my email yesterday which I haven’t had the chance to reply. Here goes:

From: Adanna Escobar <>
Date: Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 4:01 PM
Subject: RE: Information Interview Request
To: Lettisia Toha <>

Hello Lettisia,

My apologies for the late response, and I sincerely hope it’s not too late. Thank you for reaching out and thinking of Women’s Funding Alliance for your senior project. It sounds very interesting and comes at a very opportune time considering where we’re at as an organization.

I am the first, and only, Communications Manager for Women’s Funding Alliance. One of my main objectives is to evaluate our website and propose changes to improve the overall experience. I’d be happy to help you with your project, but I’m also interested to learn how we might use it as a real case study to base future changes on. Is the idea behind your project that we might adopt some of your proposed changes?

If you’d like to meet for coffee to talk about your project I’d be happy to. I’m also available to talk over the phone if that works best for your schedule. In the meantime, if you could send me all of your questions with a clear deadline I’ll get to work on it as soon as I can.

Thank you again for reaching out.


Adanna Escobar
Communications Manager
P 206-467-6733 x107

Women’s Funding Alliance
2101 4th Ave, Suite 1330
Seattle, WA 98121

My proposed questions:

  • Is there a brand guidelines or style guide developed for WFA? May i get access to it?
  • What is behind the logo?
  • Are there any marketing collateral? If so, who’s the target audience for this ads?
  • Breakdown and background information of donors. What group is the largest percentage of donor? Their economic background? Age? Occupation?
  • How do donors donate? Need data breakdown. Through website, mail, phone, etc?
  • Is there a significant color your organization strongly associate with?
  • Are you happy with the amount of information displayed in the website? Are you willing to cut it down?
  • Do you want to display the same amount of information on desktop, mobile and tablet version? Will you be willing to cut down information to be displayed on mobile?
  • Is there annual report for 2015? May I get access to it?

Questions for Scott:

  • Since she asked for deadline, is it appropriate for me to set the deadline to this Friday? Should I call instead? Since she took a week to just reply me, I’m wondering what’s the wise course of action here. If possible, I want to get this interview over with this week so I can start layout thumbnails.
  • Also, she asked to get my finished case study with my devised strategies, should I promise to give it to her? Should I ask for reimbursement? Not sure the politics behind this. But it would be great if I could earn some money, get internship or contract job or even recommendations. What do you think?
  • Do you think I should just meet with her, have phone interview or email? Honestly I’m more inclined towards just emailing. I think coffee meeting too much of a hassle to set because of my schedule. I just need the info and get working.

Project Element List:

  • Interactive wireframes for desktop, mobile and tablet version
  • Hi-Fi mockup for at least 2 pages of the desktop version, homepage for both mobile and tablet
  • A 30s motion graphics video on WFA that could be YouTube advertisement
  • Design a printed invitation to their upcoming event (Art of Dining 2016) and digital poster for social media post (Facebook)
  • Infographic (digital only, for social media) to promote Political Gender Watch 2016

Revised Schedule:
Due to the manager’s delay, I have devised a new timeline pending Scott’s approval:

  • Week 2: Present idea for motion graphic ad.
    Due to pending target market, I couldn’t possibly start on website design or ads. The motion graphic ad however has to be geared towards the general public, in order to raise public’s awareness of WFA’s existence.
  • Week 3: Present tight storyboard and style board for ad.
    I will also have a thorough case study, research and SWOT analysis done. Also begin presenting rough thumbnails on basic layout and content management system for desktop and (hopefully) mobile. After being reviewed by Scott, show proposed idea to Doug or Eitan (professional UX designer) and hopefully get either one signature before I leave.
  • Week 4 (remotely): Post written feedback and refined thumbnails
    Get Scott’s feedback on the refined thumbnails and work on it further
  • Week 5 (remotely): Post wireframes for desktop version, homepage for tablet and mobile
    Email Scott self-assessment rubric. Create homepage hi-fi for desktop and put them up for usability testing on UsabilityHub. Prepare for next week’s presentation, set questions for professional reviewers.
  • Week 6: Formal Presentation
    Presentation is on 16th of Feb, I arrived back in Seattle on 15th at 10 AM. First thing to do, email wireframes and creative brief (maybe?) to Aurora Print. Pick up in the afternoon. Create digital presentation (add user testing data from UsabilityHub), rehearse. Present the next day. With comments in mind, keep working on wireframes.
  • Week 7: Submit one page review and present revised wireframes to Scott
    After more feedback from Scott, put work on UsabilityHub again for testing. Begin sketching icons and reviewing points for infographic
  • Week 8: Present infographic sketch and user testing result
    Get feedback again from Scott. Do revisions and get feedback again from Doug and Eitan. Digitized icons and create layout for infographic.
  • Week 9: Production and present infographic comps
    With feedback, do further wireframe revisions. Sketch and create printed invitation and social media post for Facebook. Create mockup.
  • Week 10: Submit final rubric, present invitation printed and digital
    Create Hi-fi for 2 pages of the desktop version, homepage for both mobile and tablet and put them to UsabilityHub. Create mockup. Prepare for presentation. Create presentation and rehearse. Print invitation.
  • Week 11: Final Presentation

Reminder to self: ask Scott questions on process book.

Senior Project Proposal

Women’s Funding Alliance

Project Description:
Update and redesign WFA’s current website in order to increase traffic and get more donations.

Target Audience:
2014 annual report is not detailed. Sent an email inquiring their target audience. Awaiting reply. I contacted them via Facebook and was given their communications manager’s contact. I sent her an email as follows:

To: Adanna Escobar
Re: Information Interview Request


I got your contact information from WFA’s social media team. My name is Lettisia Toha and I’m a graphic and web design student from the Art Institute of Seattle pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts. I’m doing my senior project on updating and redesigning local non-profit organization and happened upon WFA website. My main focus is on UX (User Experience) and web design of the entire website. In order to produce an effective project, I have to understand WFA in depth. Would you mind answering some short questions from me?

An example of such question would be:
Who is the target audience for donations?
What percentage of donators are individuals, corporations, foundations?
Who are these people? (occupation, age)

It would mean so much to me if you would help me. I need to learn as much as I can about WFA in order to create an effective design solution. This senior project is very important for my academic career as it will demonstrate how I apply all that I’ve learned in school with real life problems. I hope for your assistance.

Thank you,
Lettisia Toha

Website is not responsive, still on m-dot site which is considered dead in 2016. It’s very hard viewing the website on mobile because the fixed layout shrinks so much. The website features too much happy words, focus on how to get involved is lost. The featured link for donate now on homepage direct to a different layout, losing hierarchy. The give now link from Get Involved tab added an unnecessary click step for users, needs refinement. Again too much words on this page. Basically WFA website suffers because it is not responsive, no focus on donations, too much happy words and information, needs to be more organized and better information organizations.

Proposed Solution:
Creating a new responsive layout design for the site. Rephrasing and simplify tabs, create new content management system. Making “get involved/donate” an emphasis for the whole site. Making it easier for users to look for the options to donate. Applying their current brand style in more appropriate ways to create stronger branding. Creating an advertising campaign or short motion graphics video that would be featured in their website. Stronger UX, aesthetic and brand identity is key to improve the website.

Girl Effect

The Girl Effect website shows strong brand identity for the organization. I first came to know the organization through a motion graphic advertising video they did that became very popular. Watch it below:

Their website features a great modern, bold design. Their mobile view is amazing. Truly a lesson in responsiveness. Their website also features great motion graphics. As you scroll, the animation progresses.

Everytown for gun safety is a great website with effective content management system and modern sophistication. There’s ample white space that I love. Also, they’ve made a great use of flat design and a responsive layout to make sure the website is up to the minute and accessible by all. They’ve used card UI pattern for some of their content. Great content management here. Also, it’s easy to find where to donate. You’re also prompted to donate on a small pop-up when you first accessed the site.

Charity Water
Great website design with a responsive layout. They also have a lot of content like WFA but organized it in such a way of one to two words tabs only, making it easy to understand. They also have “donate” tab as the first featured tab. They make it really easy to donate too because it features right on their homepage and also for the PayPal option.

There are more great non-profit websites such as Oxfam America, Water is Life, We Heart Trees.

Pending upon email reply.

Capstone Project