Unit 9 Reading Response

I feel like being bombed by enormous amount of information from this week’s reading assignment. I found the Starter’s Guide to iOS Design by Ben Taylor to be very informative and comprehensible. He makes me think of things that I should’ve paid more attention to and the little details I’ve seemed to miss. Since his article is long, I thought it would be best for me to point out which part of his theory on how to build an app that relates to me the most.

Taylor suggests that we understand the screen resolutions and the role of pixels in our intended mobile platform. I didn’t think of this before and after reading this article I learned more about pixels, points, retina display in iPhones and iPads as well as how as designers we should use vector graphics so our designs will not be pixelated when scaled down. Taylor also says that before we begin any wireframing to do the storyboard process first. My partner and I did a very vague and basic storyboarding but then we did not really discuss transitions page or how big the size of the buttons shall be. I found myself keep thinking about the size of buttons, transition page and hand gestures last night after I glanced through this article. I’ve always hated if an app has very small icons. I tend to click with my thumb and it becomes difficult for me since I have a meaty thumb.

Animations, segues, touch & feedback as well as direct manipulation did not cross my mind until Taylor mentions them. These small things make an app more efficient. I took a mental note to discuss them with my partner today. In his article, Taylor has related links that I found very useful as well.




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